How to Heat a Bagel and Other Lessons from Mom.

Mother’s Day is upon us, so naturally, I’ve had my mom on my mind so much lately.  A lot of people know my mom for her organizing and planning skills, but for me, my mom taught me so much more than how to correctly use an Excel spreadsheet.  A while ago, I wrote Lessons from Mom where I shared some of the things that Mom taught me.  I’m realizing each day that she taught me so much more than what I wrote in that post, so today, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I’d like to share with you some more lessons from my mom.

Mom taught me to include others.  My mom never wanted anyone to feel left out.  From party planning to who she talked to at church, Mom wanted everyone to feel included and like they belonged.  I love this so much about her, because after all, don’t we all just want to feel like we “belong”?

Mom taught me how to speak to/about my husband.  In my entire life, I don’t think that I heard my mom say one negative thing about my dad.  My mom knew the power of her words and the power that her words had to tear down or build up her husband/my dad.  She used her words wisely when she spoke to him and about him.  As a wife, this speaks volumes to me now.  My words have the power to show my husband that I love and respect him, to build him up, and to encourage him.  They also have the power to make him feel worthless, to disrespect him, and to tear him down.  Wives, how are you using your words?

Thanks for being an example of a Godly wife, Mom.

Mom taught me the most efficient way to heat up a bagel.  Okay, so this is a funny one, but we always used to laugh because Mom heated her bagel up every morning for exactly 11 seconds.  We finally asked her why one day, and it was totally because of efficiency.  It’s quicker to hit the “1” twice!

Mom taught me to be intentional with my children.  Every morning, Mom woke up earlier than she had to so that she could get herself ready before Richie and I were ready to eat breakfast.  She did this so that she could be in the kitchen with us while we sat at the bar eating.  I don’t remember all of our conversations, but I’m sure she used that time to talk to us about what we had coming up that day.  What I remember, was that she was there.  She intentionally chose to be in the kitchen so that she could be with us.

This lesson came to me one morning when Hunter refused to eat breakfast anywhere but here.  It hit me that this is where I ALWAYS ate breakfast.  I’d sit here and eat, and Mom would do dishes, dinner prep, etc., and we would talk.

Mom taught me to love God’s Word.  Every Sunday morning my mom woke up way before the rest of us to study for Sunday school.  I have a very clear image of my mom sitting on the couch, studying the Bible.  Mom loved Scripture and used it for encouragement and challenge daily.  Last year for Mother’s Day, my dad gave me a box of some of Mom’s Bibles and journals.  That’s the most precious gift to me.  Her Bibles are a little worn with notes in them.  Her journals are filled with her scribble of prayer requests and meaningful verses.  I love these gifts because it points to how Mom lived her life, abiding in Jesus.  I pray that it’s common for my kids to see me in the Word.

Mom’s Bibles are my favorite things that I have from her.  I love seeing her notes and underlined verses.  

Mom taught me that “I’ll pray for you” should be more than just a saying.  I remember one time that I told someone that I would pray for them.  Mom told me that I shouldn’t say that unless I meant it, unless I was really going to pray for them.  How many times do we throw around the phrase, “I’ll pray for you,” without actually doing it?  I know I’m guilty.  Mom taught me to put action behind these words.

Mom taught me that my life will speak from the grave.  A lot of these lessons have just hit me AFTER my mom passed away.  She didn’t necessarily verbally tell me these things while she was alive.  These are lessons I’ve learned while remembering her.  We will all leave a legacy.  We will all leave lessons for our children and grandchildren to learn.  The question is what sort of legacy and lessons are we leaving?  I pray that I will leave behind a God-glorifying legacy like Mom did.

My mom taught me SO much, but I know many of these lessons are things that she got from the Lord (probably all of them except for the bagel thing!).  Mom loved Jesus, loved His people, and loved serving, and all of the glory goes to Jesus for the work that He did in her life.  I pray that these lessons from my mom would encourage and/or challenge you today.  She’s a great example, but I know that she would be quick to tell us all that Jesus is our ultimate example.  Let’s follow Jesus and His example today, friends.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!


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