A Week At The Beach :)!

I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to this summer.  It’s been a busy summer!  This was my view last week….

A few weeks before that, I was finishing up my last class for my masters degree and spending a week at camp with our students watching God work in their lives.  This summer has been a busy one, but a blessed one.  One theme that has been consistent throughout the summer is this: God is faithful.  A year ago, we prayed that God would bless us with one last great week together at the beach as a family, and He did.  The five of us (my dad, brother, his girlfriend, my husband, and myself) went back to that same beach house that we had such a great week at just a year ago.  We knew this year would be different.  This vacation was another first- our first time on vacation and at the beach without Mom.  We missed Mom a lot, but God still blessed us with an incredible week.  We spent the week having fun together and living the abundant life that God has blessed us with.  We played lots of corn hole, putt-putt, ate ice cream, hung out at the beach, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  It was great!  Our awesome week at the beach was proof that God will deliver you from the storm in His timing.  God brought us through the storm of Mom’s cancer and her passing away with a greater knowledge of His faithfulness and the joy that He brings.  

Maybe you’re going through a storm right now.  Hang on and allow God to teach you through it.  While you’re in the middle of it, look for God’s hand and His presence.  In His timing, He will bring you through.  Let our beach week be proof of that.  God will bring you through in His way and in His timing and when He does, you will be able to celebrate His faithfulness and the joy that He brings.  What are some specific ways that God has proven Himself faithful and given you His joy in your life?  Share them here!  I’d love to hear how God is working in your life :)!

2 thoughts on “A Week At The Beach :)!”

  1. Sounds like the lessons from Job that we have been studying in Sunday School. God is faithful and is always there by our side no matter what we must face. God bless your family with many memories as you make new ones to add to the memories of your wonderful Mom.

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