Does God Answer Prayer?

Mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in February 2011 and passed away on August 2, 2012.  During that time, my family and I prayed for healing.  I guess from a worldly perspective, someone could look at our family and say God didn’t answer our prayer.  However, I would beg to differ with you.  God answered four very specific prayers we had during that time:

My graduation from NGU.  We prayed Mom would be able to come and enjoy my graduation from college, and she did.  She even was able to enjoy my graduation party after!

My wedding day.  We prayed Mom would get to see me marry my husband, get to walk the aisle with my daddy, and enjoy every minute of it, and she did.  My husband and I didn’t get married until 6:30pm, so it was a long day.  Mom enjoyed every minute from getting ready to the reception!

My brother’s high school graduation.  We prayed Mom would get to come to and enjoy my brother’s graduation from high school, and she did.  She even had enough energy for a late night meal at Papa’s Breakfast Nook!

The Beach.  Mom LOVED the beach and so did my family.  Pretty much every summer we headed to the beach for vacation.  We prayed we would get one last beach trip together and that Mom would enjoy it and we could enjoy our time together as a family.  God answered that prayer.  Mom got to lay on the beach, we got to enjoy meals as a family, and Mom and I even got to enjoy watching the boys play corn hole at night!

God answered many other prayers for us, but these four specific things stick out in my mind the most.  Everything we specifically prayed for, God answered.  Now, you might say, “But God didn’t answer your prayer of healing.”  Yes He did.  God did not heal Mom physically, but He still healed her.  There’s a popular worship song called, “Our God,” and a line in the song says, “Our God is healer…”  I believe that phrase now more than ever.  As soon as Mom breathed her last breath, she entered the gates of heaven, and she no longer had cancer.  Mom was more healed than she ever would have been on this earth.

So, does God answer prayers?  YES.  God might not answer them exactly how you had at first thought He should, but God answers prayers according to His will, and His will and His ways are best.  How has God answered prayers in your life?  Look for how God has proved Himself faithful through answering prayers in your life, He will show you.

Four proofs that God answers prayers!

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