Lessons from Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and obviously, my mom has been on my mind a lot.  If anyone deserved a day to be honored, it was her.  Mom taught me so much, probably more than I will ever really know.  So, in honor of Mother’s Day & my sweet Mom, this post is dedicated to her and all of the things she taught me!  Here are my top 12 lessons from Mom (in no particular order):

1. Mom taught me about Jesus.  If Mom only ever taught me about Jesus, then that would have been enough.  Her and my dad taught me the Gospel and discipled me once I became a Christian.  I cannot wait to pass on the Truth of Jesus to my future children!

2. Mom taught me to serve.  Mom not only taught me how to serve, but how to do it joyfully.  Even though she had worked 40+ hours that week, plus kept the house running, you would never hear her complain about serving the college students at a Friday night devotion or studying for Sunday school.  She loved her Sunday school students, college students, First Place participants, and on and on.  She loved serving others.  She loved serving Christ.

3. Mom taught me hospitality.  I have mentioned this in a post before, but Mom and Dad used their home to serve God’s Kingdom.  Their home was open to my friends, my brothers’ friends, etc. all the time.  They were so willing to open their home for Bible studies, band practices, Friday morning cheer devotions, etc.  I cannot wait to have a home of my own to carry own this legacy.

4. Mom taught me to be selfless. Seriously, Mom was one of the most selfless people I knew.  Even when she had cancer, I would be helping her walk and ask, “Are you okay?”  Her response was always, “Yeah, are you?”  She was always putting others’ needs ahead of her own.  

5. Mom taught me how to be a wife.  Yes, Mom was only alive for my first year of marriage, but I learned so much just through her example.  She loved my daddy unconditionally and put his needs above hers.  She taught me how to support my husband.  Even seeing her get dressed up for date nights with him was a great lesson for me.  

6. Mom taught me how to be a mom.  No, I am not a mom yet, but when I am, if I am half the mom she was, I’ll be doing alright.  Like I said, she was selfless, a servant, and put others needs ahead of hers.  She definitely did this for my brother and me.  She was our #1 fan.  I can’t think of a cheerleading competition that she missed, and I am sure my brother would say the same about his band competitions.

7. Mom taught me how to listen.  Anytime I needed a listening ear, Mom was there.  Whether I need to talk about friends, boys, school, etc., Mom was my “sounding board.”  She would just listen.  I hope I have a daughter one day that will share her life with me and so I can be her “sounding board” like Mom was for me!

8. She taught me how to love the beach.  Yes, this isn’t as serious, but it’s true!  My mom loved the beach (thanks to her best friend, Wanda), and when her toes finally hit the sand, she knew how to relax.  I can picture her now with her toes in the sand, a Diet Pepsi, Snickers, frozen grapes, and of course, a good book.  I inherited this love and don’t think I’ll ever visit a beach without thinking of her!

9. Mom taught me how to encourage.  Mom probably sent a card to more people than I will ever know.  I know she sent me several when I needed encouraging!  She taught me that a simple word of encouragement via card, text, phone call, etc. could really brighten someone’s day.  

10. Mom taught me healthy eating habits.  We often joke that if it wasn’t fat free, it wasn’t in our house.  I used to hate it when Mom made me eat my green beans, but honestly, I’m thankful now.  Scripture says I should take care of my body because it is God’s temple, and Mom showed me how to do that.  Now, don’t get me wrong,  Mom and I enjoyed our fair share of Dairy Queen Blizzards :)!

11. Mom taught me the importance of girlfriends.  My dad was #1 in my mom’s life (besides Jesus, of course), but Mom still knew that it was important to have girlfriends.  Mom knew that it was important to surround herself with other Godly wives and moms so that they could encourage and build each other up.  Women can connect and share with each other in a way men can’t understand (my husband doesn’t get what my friends and I can talk about at lunch for 2 hours!  haha!).  Women can also shop til we drop and enjoy a lunch a cute cupcake place where the men would not enjoy that!  I am so thankful for all of the girls days Mom and I had!  (In the same way, Mom taught me it was important for men to have guy friends as well!  Men can connect with each other, keep each other accountable, and go for a round of golf- which I would be terrible at!)

I could go on and on with things Mom taught me.  I am sure I will realize more of it as I get older and have kids of my own.  What did your mom teach you?  Thank her for that this Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and to sum up her lessons in the words of Danny Garrett, “She taught us how to live, she taught us how to die, but most of all, she taught us to love Jesus Christ.”

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Mom”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Cindy. I only knew you a short time, but miss you so much.
    Cassie, you are a “Mimi me” of your mother and she was so proud of you. She is following you today, and I bet she is beaming and praising God for what a wonderful, Godly women you have become. God loves you and so do I.

  2. Great job Cassie!!! This is SO true your mother was a great example for all of us. She was a true servant.

  3. Cassie, I didn’t get a chance to read this before now. YOu are truly a little Cindy running around. I know she is very proud of you…. Thanks for sharing. Love you too pieces….

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