Sweet and Salty!

As  I said in my first post, my mom wrote some awesome devotions, and I want to share some of those with you.  I found one on her computer today that has a lot to do with our verse we discussed this Monday, and a few Mondays ago!  Mom’s words will be in italics, and as you read, keep in mind that Mom wrote this for my varsity cheerleading squad:


Toothpaste – squeeze all toothpaste out of tube. Offer $ for the person who can put it all back.  Just like toothpaste, you can’t take back your words. You can never make it exactly how it was.


With this in mind, we should be very careful with our speech.  The Bible says “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned, as it were, with salt, so you will know how you should respond to each person.”  Colossians 4:6. 


Salt was used in Biblical times to prevent foods from spoiling.  That is the point in this scripture.  Our speech should not harm, spoil or damage. It should be encouraging, kind, positive, building-up and protecting others from damage.


How does this affect your team?  Positive, encouraging speech to one another can preserve and build-up the team.  Saying kind or sweet words can be so powerful in the success of this team. It can also lead others to seeing that they have value, which gives them more confidence to make good choices regardless of peer pressure.  Negative, “cut-downs”, gossip and other damaging speech can destroy or spoil an individual and of course, this will only weaken your team. 


The activity Mom wrote about in the first activity is something I can very clearly remember her doing with my brother and me when we were younger.  It’s a great object lesson to teach yourself and others about speech.  Give it a try sometime!

Now, I’d be willing to bet that many of you are not on a cheerleading team.  So, when Mom refers to the “team,” think of what team you’re on.  Your team might be your family, your church, your friends, your coworkers, etc.  Your team can be anyone who God has put in your circle of influence.  Just because your “team” isn’t throwing stunts or tumbling in attempts to win 1st place doesn’t mean that your words you say around them aren’t just as important.  What Mom says about words can be applied to your own life just like they can be applied to a cheerleading squad!  So, apply this verse and these words to your life.  Have speech that is encouraging and uplifting, not discouraging!



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