Do Work.

Jack is going through a series with our youth right now called, “Build the Kingdom.”  He is really focusing on encouraging them to share the Gospel.  Last night, he preached on Luke 10:1-3.  The second verse really stood out to me which says, “He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send workers out into His harvest field'” (Luke 10:2 NIV).  If you knew my mom, you know that she was one of the few workers Jesus is speaking of.  She was constantly working for Christ by encouraging others to grow in their faith or by sharing her faith with others who didn’t know Christ.  Mom’s work is finished now, though, and Jesus brought her home to be with Him.  I’m sure you can think of some workers for Christ who have also gone home to be with the Lord.

Jesus has already told us in this verse that the workers are few, and some workers that we know are no longer on earth working, but are in heaven enjoying the rewards of their work. Jesus hasn’t called us home yet, so that means He still has a purpose for us here on this earth.  What is that purpose?  Jesus calls us to do work for Him!  Jesus clearly tells us in this verse that the workers are FEW.  That means, there are some people who are Christians who aren’t working for Christ as they should.  There is lots to do!  Jesus says that the harvest is plentiful.  There are tons of people out there just waiting to hear the Gospel and waiting to be ministered to!  This harvest is just waiting on the workers!  If you haven’t been working as you should, that’s okay.  Ask God to show you how and where He wants you to serve Him.  He has given you a special gift that He wants you to use for His glory!

If you are already working, keep it up!  I would love to hear how God is blessing your work.  The end of this verse also discusses asking God to bring more workers.  This means your job is to pray.  Pray that God would speak to His people and call them to do work for Him.

I’m speaking to myself here.  I need to be more bold in sharing the Gospel.  Together, we can encourage one another and truly change this world for Christ!  Let’s do work!

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