Adoption Update- Our Court Process

In late October, we were thrilled to hear the news that we had received verbal court orders. This meant that verbally, Faith was legally our daughter. The next step was to receive written court orders (basically, put that she’s legally ours in writing). This was a huge step! The judge that gave us verbal court orders retired the day after passing us, though. Still, we were very excited that this movement happened before his retirement. Typically, written court orders take 30-45 days after the verbal orders. However, our agency warned us our timeline could be longer due to the judge’s retirement. At that time, we thought when the new judge came, all he’d need to do were the written court orders.

Finally, in early March we got the call that the new judge was indeed working. We were so excited and hopeful that he’d sign our written court orders quickly. For whatever reason, though, the new judge wanted to re-do some of the steps that were previously done. We were heartbroken to hear this, because honestly, this wasn’t the news we expected or wanted to hear. Since then, we’ve already had several hearings. We aren’t sure exactly what’s happening at those, but we’re thankful the hearings are at least happening. 

According to the eCourts app, we have another hearing on 4/16, but according to our advocate (lawyer) our next one is 4/18. Our agency thinks the eCourts app is simply inaccurate. Apparently, half the argument is complete and the other half is to take place on this next date. Our advocate said we should have the court order by the end of the month, but we’re holding this timeline very loosely with the way everything else has gone.

To be completely honest, this waiting is getting very hard. When we started our adoption process in 2018, we never would’ve imagined we’d still be waiting. When we said, “Yes,” specifically to our daughter in January 2021, we for sure thought she’d be home by now. I’ve said, “Surely she’ll be home by then…” a million times about a million different things it feels like. There are days it feels like she’ll never be home, but I know that’s not true. I also know this will all be so worth it when she is home. I pray often, asking God to help me think on truth and continue to trust him.  

I recently read Genesis and am now reading Exodus. Throughout both, God’s sovereignty is on display. I have to trust God is sovereignly at work in our adoption. He sees the big picture, though we can’t. He knows what’s best. He loves our daughter more than we do. I also have to remember God does everything, even hard things if necessary, so we’ll know he’s the Lord and tell others of him. So, I’m trying to thank God not just in the waiting, but for it (an encouragement from Jack). In this waiting, he’s teaching me more about himself and giving me more opportunities to tell others about him. He’s working, even when we can’t see it. He’s faithful.

As I close, here are some specific ways to pray:

  • To receive written court orders soon. To say we’re ready for our daughter to be home is an understatement. 
  • For us/our hearts in the waiting, including the boys. Recently Isaac asked if Faith was ever going to come home. It’s hard to explain to their little boy minds.
  • For our bonding/attachment with Faith. She’s 3 now, and I can’t help but grieve the time we’ve lost with her. I pray God will redeem that time. We need wisdom on how to parent this sweet little girl that’s coming from a hard place. Though she doesn’t fully understand, pray God would begin preparing her heart to join our family.
  • For Faith’s caretakers, our advocate, and the judge. Pray they’d love her well and do what needs to be done to move our process along. But most of all, pray they’d know Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Most of all, pray God would be glorified in all things. Pray we’d know and love him more, and share that with others.

Of course, though things are hard, there are always things to praise God for:

  • We got to celebrate Faith’s birthday with family at Pizza Inn.

  • We’ve had the awesome opportunity to FaceTime with Faith some. This is a gift, and we definitely don’t take this for granted!
  • Precious family and friends showered us with gifts at the sweetest shower. Our new church is throwing one for us soon as well. We’re honored our friends/family would love on us in this way, helping us prepare for Faith to be home.

  • Our transition to our new church where Jack is the senior pastor couldn’t be going any better. Those precious people have joined right alongside us in praying and longing for Faith. We’re incredibly blessed to have so many church families surrounding us in prayer and support!

God is good and he is faithful, friends!

1 thought on “Adoption Update- Our Court Process”

  1. I know you all are excited as aunt libby is to meet this new family member. I will continue to pray for the entire family. Jesus knows when the time will be right to send her home to you’ll and the rest of the family. I will remember you in my love and prayers

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