Tuesday Truth- Truth from God’s Word Moms Need to Hear (from my own personal “Mentor Moms”), Part 2

Through this Tuesday Truth series, I wanted to feature the writing of other ladies who love God’s Word. A few week’s ago, the Lord laid it on my heart to give a voice to some women in my life who are a season or so ahead of me. These real-life relationships are so valuable, and I think we sometimes forget that. These ladies were so sweet to respond with an abundance of truth, that this Tuesday Truth needed two parts.


Last week’s Mentor Moms shared about submission to the Lord, being friends with our children, and prayer. You can check that out here. Here are this week’s responses to the question, “What’s one Truth from God’s Word you think moms need to hear today?”

“Teach them his [God’s] decrees and instructions, and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave.” Exodus 18:20

When a baby comes into your family, remember they are coming into your lives, not you coming into their lives.

Take them with you. Take them to church with you. Sit in worship with them. Take them to church activities. Take them to family activities. Don’t stay at home just because you’ve had a baby.

You are showing them how they are to live and how they are to behave.

I always like to remind young Moms that the Lord knows your circumstances.  He will not leave you alone in it.  Everyone struggles and we all have moments when we think other Moms have it all together.  The Mom that always brings the perfect cupcakes that she made herself or the working Mom that is able to juggle it all with her day planner.  But in truth friends, none of us have it together.  Most of us are looking for a safe place to fall apart.  Remember ladies, Jesus will catch us every time we fall.  Don’t ever think you are the only one struggling.  Reach out to other Mom, tell your truth (what you’re struggling with). Support each other.  Trust the One that knows your circumstance.  I promise one day you will want to put those babies back in their car seats and sing silly songs, recite Bible verses, and listen to those siblings argue over who loves Mommy the most.  Trust God and enjoy your babies.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5,6

This verse has been a TRUTH that I have relied on through the ages! And when I say ages, I mean I took this verse on as a life verse/goal since my early college days and have continued to rely on its promise and truth from my Lord and Savior ever since then! Through college, dating, marriage, children (all 4 of them), death of grandparents and even parents, my children’s high school days, my children’s college days and now even my own children’s adult stages of life! And I can truly say that this “MOM TRUTH” has never failed me yet! I have taught this verse to my children and recited it to them until they all know it by heart and it still holds fast to the promises it gave way back then for me as it continues to do for them today! We can “Trust in the Lord”, but we have to do so “with all our heart”! But, to get the full effect, we must “lean not on our own understanding” of which I usually have little to none anyway-which is why I so needed this verse ALL my life!  Though be careful, there is still one more part-I always told my own children it was the next part that will get you if you are not careful-because God was not quite done yet with only verse 5- He continued in verse 6. “In ALL your ways acknowledge Him”! We think we can acknowledge Christ-it doesn’t really sound too difficult-but notice it says in “ALL” your ways-that is the kicker-do we or can we in “ALL” ways acknowledge Him? It is harder than you think-at least for me! And…. finally…. here is the “MOM TRUTH” we have been waiting for! Here is the Promise God gives-if we can do all of the above (which is once again easier said than done)! The promise is:  “He will direct your paths”, which is what we all want, right? Well, I sure do! Without God directing my paths, I would be no-one and go no where and accomplish nothing! So, there you have it! My “MOM TRUTH”! I would really call it my “daily go-to verse” -my constant prayer! I pray this for me, and I pray that my husband and my children will also do the same as they make decisions everyday! Because without trusting in God and relying on Him to direct our paths, it then becomes our own directing of our own paths and that is probably not going to be the best path! So, as you read the verse one last time, remember that there is more to the verse than just “Trust in the Lord”! Be sure to finish reading it all so that “He will direct your paths”!

Moms, the trendiest article on Facebook doesn’t hold a candle to the wealth of wisdom that Moms who are a season ahead of us, actually know us, and follow the Lord have. If you don’t have these types of relationships, I urge you to seek them out. Typically, the local church is the easiest and best place to begin building these relationships. Attend a women’s ministry event that’ll have women of different seasons. Serving in the church is a main way I’ve built these relationships. Obviously, I have an easy “in” with youth parents (whom we love!) since my husband is a youth pastor, but serving in the nursery, VBS, and other places are other ways I’ve gotten to know women of other ages. Another way to build these relationships is through hospitality. Invite families over for dinner who are a season or so ahead!


Titus 2:3-5 teaches that older women are to teach the younger. Truthfully, we all land in both of these categories. As you seek out an “older” woman, also be willing to be that older woman in someone else’s life. There’s always someone a step ahead of us and a step behind us. How wonderful that the Lord created us to live in community with one another so that we can venture through motherhood together!

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