Adoption Update- Home Study Update & India COVID-19 Lockdown

We’re in such odd times right now, aren’t we? Like most, we’re adjusting to home school while I also continue to teach my Spanish classes from home. Just COVID-19 in and of itself is enough to deal with, but I know many of us face other challenges along with the virus. I told Jack about a week ago, “It all feels like too much”. One thing the Lord is teaching me, though, is for us, it is too much. However, for him, it’s not. This virus and anything we face is no surprise to him. He’s far bigger than pandemics. He’s also sovereign, good, and faithful.

This is what our life looks like these days- paper work + school work!

In the midst of the Coronavirus, it’s time for us to update our home study. Below are some specific ways you can pray for us as we work on this update:

  • Jack and I both need well check-ups in order to update paperwork. We also must have updating fingerprinting completed. Obviously, this may not be the best timing for this, but we also want to do everything we can to continue moving forward in bringing our daughter home. Please pray for wisdom in scheduling these appointments and for safety. This isn’t adoption related, but in general, pray for our healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, and others who are continuing daily to be on the front lines during this pandemic.
  • Pray for grace and patience as we balance completing adoption paperwork, along with homeschooling and me working from home (I think this is a prayer request for all of us right now, isn’t it?).
  • For me, I can often become overwhelmed and anxious by the to-do list of paperwork (Jack is the one that keeps us laid back around here!). Please pray for the Lord to help me take it one step and one day at a time. I know he gives us just enough grace for today, and he commands us not to worry. (I literally just read about this in Luke 11 today. God is at work, friends!). 
  • In May, we’ll have another in-home visit with our agency. Please pray we can get the necessary paperwork completed in time so this can be scheduled. One great thing since is we’ve already had home study visits before, so this time, I’m not near as nervous! We know our agency is wonderful to work with, and they won’t come in with white gloves to check for dust on my counters (seriously, this is what I thought!). Home study visits are simply for our agency to get to know us and for them to educate us through this process. 

Due to the Coronavirus, India is on a strict lockdown. We’re still waiting to be matched with our daughter. We’ve been waiting about 7 months, and our agency has prepared us for a wait of upwards to 6-12 months. We still don’t know who our daughter is, but we constantly think of her and how she’s doing, especially during this lockdown. Here are some specific requests in regards to that:

  • Pray our daughter (and all children) would be well taken care of during this time. Pray their needs would be met, and they’d be loved well.
  • Pray for the caretakers in these orphanages. I imagine this virus has brought extra worries over the children they care for daily. Pray for their salvation, and that the Lord would give them the peace only he can!
  • Pray for the country of India as a whole, for their health and needs to be met. Most of all, pray the Gospel would spread, even amidst the pandemic.

Friends, I can’t close without some praises. The Lord is continuing to be faithful to us, so I want to publicly acknowledge that:

  • As of now, we have no financial needs! Unless something crazy happens, our costs are covered for our adoption.
  • The Lord has continued to give us peace only he can as we wait.
  • The Lord continues to teach us more about himself and his character during this wait. I’m currently reading through Luke, and each day, these passages have brought specific encouragement and conviction in regard to all of this. Praise the Lord!
  • The Lord constantly reminds me he’s the Father to the fatherless, and he loves our daughter (and all of us) for more than we ever will. 
  • The Lord is already helping us get appointments scheduled (earlier today it looked like this would be difficult) and find paperwork we need!

Truthfully, the Lord is doing much more that we can hopefully share at a later date. His faithfulness is truly great. We can’t wait to update you on sharing we’re matched with our daughter, but we trust his timing in that. Thank you for journeying alongside us, friends. We’re forever grateful.

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