Adoption Update- What’s a home study?

Hey there, friends! It’s been a while (well, I guess it’s been since we’ve officially announced our adoption) since I have done an adoption update here on the blog. We’ve shared on social media some things (Check out Diaries of a Daughter on Facebook to stay up to date with what we have going on!), but I thought it would be good to do a more “formal” update here in this space.


So, where are we in the process? We are right in the middle of our home study! We are learning SO much through our adoption process, one of those things being that “home study” is probably not the best term for this portion of the process. When I heard the word “home study”, I imagined someone with a white glove, eyeing each nook and cranny of my house. This is absolutely nothing of what the home study is actually like! The home study consists of 3 components- 3 interviews (1 of those being in our home), paperwork, and education. We have completed our first interview, and it went SO well! Hunter gave them a grand tour of his room and all of his toys. It was hilarious, and also so sweet. We have our second interview coming up today, where they’ll talk to Jack and I individually. We are also compiling and completing all kinds of paperwork and documents. Finally, the education component has us reading various materials and watching videos. We are adopting a child from a hard place, so our agency is doing all they can to educate us and prepare us for our process and what life will be like once our adoption is final. We are so thankful for this!

After our home study is complete (the goal is December), we will be able to be matched with our daughter! We are already envisioning what life will be like with her, but oh, how I can’t wait to see her face! There will still be lots of documents and approvals that will need to happen between the time we are matched and the time we are able to bring her home. Maybe more on that later… we are taking this all in, one step at a time, learning as we go!

We have been blown away by the incredible support we have been given. People have such kind words to say about this journey. We are also extremely thankful for those who have supported our fundraisers. The Lord has had His hand in this every step of the way. His Body has beautifully come around us, and we are so grateful. Friends, thanks for praying and journeying with us. As we continue, here are some specific ways you can be praying for us:

  • Pray for our home study interviews, that they would be a beneficial time of learning and growing in relationship for both us and our agency.
  • Pray for organization and time management skills as we gather and balance the paperwork and education components of the home study.
  • Pray that we would find a licensed psychologist for our required psych evaluation.
  • Pray that all we learn during the education portion would be stored away in our minds and hearts for when we need this knowledge in the future.
  • Pray that we would not grow weary.
  • Pray for our boys! They love their sister (Hunter wants to name her “Hunter Daddy” – not happening!), but we know all of this will be an adjustment for them.
  • Pray that this process would give us opportunity to share the gospel, and that we would boldly take those opportunities!

Of course, there are so many praises for how the Lord is working:

  • The kind words of people.
  • The incredible support that our families, church family, and friends have shown. This little girl is already so loved!
  • The Lord has financially provided every step of the way!
  • Our agency! They’ve been awesome! They’re gospel-centered and base everything around that framework, and they so kindly answer all of my crazy questions.

With all of that said, friends, how can I be praying for you? I never want to take for granted that so many are praying for us in this process. We need it! It would be my joy to do the same for all of you out there. How beautiful when the Body of Christ boldly approaches the Throne of grace for the glory of God! Well, that’s all for now! We’ll see you on Facebook as we post mini-updates, future fundraisers, and simply share what the Lord is doing in our hearts. Thanks, friends!


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