Connection Tips

Here’s the most obvious statement of the day- life is crazy!  Every mom, dad, student, and person can relate.  We all have busy schedules, long to-do lists, and not enough hours in the day.  Recently, I shared a blog post where I discussed lessons I learned when I spent a few days not being connected to Jesus like I should.  Jesus is so worthy of our time, friends, so I wanted to do a “part 2” to that blog to share some practical ways that we can stay remaining in the Vine as we should be each day. I know we are busy, but Jesus is SO worthy, that He is worth making sacrifices for.  He is worth getting creative with our time and resources for.

Pick a consistent time to spend with the Lord.  This is always one of my go-to tips.  I find that when I do this, I am a lot more likely to be in the Word and in prayer.  This time might change as the semester changes or as children change activities, so think through this as each season of life comes.  Truly, we should think about when the first time in our day is that we can give to Jesus.  For me currently, it’s nap time.  For others, it might be first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, or after classes.  Just pick a time and dedicate that time to Jesus. Hold tightly to that time like a coffee date with a friend, but also know that if something comes up, we aren’t bound to that time either. Simply pick the next time that’s available, and spend it with Jesus.

Confront Idols. Facing the idolatry in our lives is not pleasant.  We don’t really want to admit that we struggle with giving our worship to something else… but we do.  The only One worthy of our worship is Jesus Christ.  When we choose a Netflix binge or even our to-do lists so much that we lose time for Jesus, we have created an idol.  Repent, and know that grace abounds, but work to put Jesus back in His rightful place.

Listen to Gospel-centered Podcasts.  I’ve become a podcast-junkie lately.  When I’m cleaning, doing laundry, or getting ready,  I listen to bits and pieces of episodes. I love listening to these podcasts, though, because it keeps my heart aligned with the heart of Christ as I check things off my to-do lists.  They provide conviction, encouragement, and prompts to pray in specific ways.  My favorites to recommend are Journeywomen and Risen Motherhood.  (Also- you could do this with worship music or online sermons!).

Have Scripture posted around your house.  In our house, I do this with a large chalkboard in my dining room. I like to put a verse or saying that has been resonating with me in that season.  It reminds me of the truth of the Gospel as I’m cooking or picking up toys.  And friends, this doesn’t need to be Pinterest-worthy.  This is a no-pressure thing where the only purpose is to have a visual reminder of Jesus. There’s so many ways to have Scripture around your house. Hobby Lobby and other such places often have beautiful pieces for your walls that have Scripture on them. This can also be as simple as a notecard on a mirror or some place that’s often seen. The Word of Christ must dwell in us richly, so what a beautiful way to do this by having His Word around our homes!

IMG_3083 2

Surround yourself with the body of Christ.  The body of Christ is a beautiful gift that the Lord has given us!  Worshipping corporately with the body of Christ on Sundays and Wednesdays is like a refresher to dry bones for me.  It strengthens me to continue worshipping privately throughout the rest of the week.  Stay connected to the body during the week too.  Have a friend to contact if you need some prayer or encouragement.  We are NOT made to do this life alone, so don’t! Also, joining a Bible study group is a great way to provide built-in accountability to be in the Word throughout the week.

Friends, let’s think about what pockets of time that we have, and redeem those for the glory of God.  Maybe it’s while waiting in the car line, or maybe it’s that 20 minutes in the library between classes.  I firmly believe that we will not regret filling more of our time with Christ and the things of Him!


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