Thanksgiving 2017

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Seriously, where has 2017 gone?! But in honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few things that I’m thankful for this year. Some of them are serious, but a lot of them, not so much, because so often we forget to be thankful for the little things that make up our life. So here it is, things that this mama is thankful for in 2017.

I’m thankful that Isaac is walking. Seriously, that kid was getting heavy to carry around.


I’m thankful for the absolutely hilarious things that Hunter says/does. That kid knows how to make me laugh (even when I’m not supposed to).


I’m thankful for technology. Technology can have a bad stigma, and I get that. There’s a lot of negatives with it. But, technology in and of itself isn’t bad; some of how we use it is. Technology can be used for SO much good as well. Like how I’ve recently discovered a podcast (Risen Motherhood) that is helping me stay focused on Jesus in the middle of snot clean up and diaper changes. Or how when my husband was literally on the other side of the world, we were still able to communicate via iMessage and FaceTime. I seriously don’t think I was ever more thankful for technology than I was that week.

I’m thankful for Netflix/Hulu, because sometimes Mama just needs a break.

I’m thankful for when I get to go run errands by myself. Can other mamas out there relate? It’s like a mini-vacation if I get to run to the grocery store alone. There’s extra thankfulness if the errand is to Target.

I’m thankful for my husband, because he’s just awesome. He makes me laugh, gets me ice cream, and leads me to Jesus.


I’m thankful for Sunday afternoons that consists of HGTV and naps.

I’m thankful for this season of scarves, boots, Christmas movies, Christmas lights, Thanksgiving meals, and so much more.  But really, I’m thankful for ALL of the seasons, and each season is my favorite, if possible.  The winter makes me thankful for snow days.  Spring makes me thankful for playtime outside with my boys.  Summer makes me thankful for lake days and beach trips.  Fall makes me thankful for football and changing leaves.  But more than just these fleeting things, I’m thankful for the seasons of life, and how the Lord uses each season to teach me, sanctify me, and draw me closer to Him.

I’m thankful for our “village”.  From our church, to our friends, to our family, they’re the best, and we couldn’t do life without them.

I’m thankful for ice cream, white chocolate dipped oreos, Starbucks, and really, anything sweet.  I love sweets more than I should, probably.

I’m thankful for coffee and the yummy creamer that makes it taste like I’m drinking a candy bar.

I’m thankful for our church family.  And I mean it when I say the word “family”.  Those people are so sweet to us.  I’m forever thankful that the Lord has called us to student ministry.  I could write an entire post about what a blessing that is and what God is doing there.  God is doing so many wonderful things in our church for His glory.


Most of all, I’m thankful for Jesus.  I’m thankful for how He sees me and cares for me.  I’m thankful for how He loves me, even when I’m the most unloveable.  And I’m thankful that His love is so great and perfect that He doesn’t want to leave me in my unloveable state.  He wants me to be more like Him.  I’m thankful for His grace that I absolutely do not deserve, and for His mercies that are new every morning.  I’m thankful for His Word and the times that He uses it to teach me more about His character, to encourage me, and to convict me.

Okay, I could go on, but laundry is dinging and Isaac is up from his nap.  The Lord had just stirred my heart so much this morning to put words to what I was thankful for this year.  I pray that your heart is stirred to thankfulness for what the Lord has done.  Spend some time reflecting on the big and small things that the Lord has done this year.  From the big things to the small, the Lord is to be thanked for His goodness in it all.  Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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