God’s Got This.

Anyone else out there struggle with the command, “Do not be anxious about anything…”?  Goodness, that’s a tough one for me.  That’s why I love Disney World so much, because it’s a “no worries” kind of place (and I’m basically always planning an imaginary trip there… ha!).


But unfortunately, real life is not Disney World.  The Lord taught me so much about obeying His command to not be anxious and to not worry when Mom was diagnosed with cancer.  The Lord proved Himself trustworthy and faithful countless times during that season.  He used that time to help me battle worry in other times in my life after Mom passed away.  In fact, when we thought Isaac was going to have to have skull surgery, I was, by God’s grace, surprisingly calm.  I knew not to worry, because I know that the Lord had the situation and us in His hands.

This was right after Isaac’s CT scan.  Goodness, the Lord was awesome to us during that time!

For some reason, it’s been easier for me to trust the Lord and not be anxious in these “big” things in life.  But when it comes to the small, details of the day to day, I seem to quickly forget that the Lord’s command to not be anxious.  That command tells us to not be anxious about ANYTHING, that means the big and the small.  Lately, I have been so anxious and worked up over some small, minute details in life, and the Lord is sweetly convicting me of that.  As He is working on me with this, and here’s a few things that He is teaching me:

Christ’s peace should rule my heart, nothing else (Colossians 3:15).  I am so guilty of letting other things “rule” my heart.  Will this person be disappointed in me?  How will I get x, y, and z done today?  And other worries of the day to day rule my heart instead of the peace of Christ.  As I battle trusting the Lord in the day to day, this verse has been my prayer, that Christ’s peace would rule my heart, and nothing else.

By worrying, I’m saying that Christ isn’t trustworthy.  Ouch, but it’s true.  When I worry, my actions/thoughts are really saying that I don’t trust the Lord.  He is worthy of our trust.

Worrying has made me use up so much time and energy on (honestly) things that don’t really matter.  Okay, so some of this stuff matters.  Feeding my family dinner is important (my 1 year old especially thinks ANY meal time is important!).  But what I mean, is that most of this stuff that I’m wasting my time/energy on (which is a gift from God!) worrying about doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of eternity.  If I feed my kids frozen pizza because I ran out of time for the cube steak, in the grand scheme of eternity, it’ll be okay.  The Lord has really been challenging me to stop wasting so much time and energy in my thought life and just in life in general on things that don’t have an eternal value.

And, last but not least…

God’s got this.  Every time I’ve gotten worked up about something this week, the Lord handles it, and it’s as if I hear Him say, “See, I’ve got this.”  God cares for us.  He sees us.  This means He cares about our day to day, and as we abide in Him, He’s got us.  Things won’t always go perfectly, but the Lord is still sovereign.  “God’s got this” has become my mantra in the middle of this busy season.

Friend, I’m sure you’ve got some worries.  We all do (like I said, we can’t live at Disney World unfortunately).  But we have this awesome privilege to take our cares to the Father who loves us and cares for us deeply.  Lay your worries at the cross.  Put your trust in the One who loves you so much, that He took care of our biggest worry/problem- our sin- by dying on the cross.  Let the peace of Christ rule your heart.  Spend your God-given time and energy focused on things with eternal value.  And remember, God’s got this.

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