His Faithfulness is in Your Living Room.

I recently posted about wanting a long-term memory of the Lord’s faithfulness. I want Him to give me eyes to see markers of His faithfulness and who He is in the mundane of my every day life. And you know what? Jesus has done this. He is doing this.

I walk in my kitchen, and I am reminded that He is the God who provides. I remember that He is the God who gives laughter as I think about that time that I had about 20 college friends attempting to make Oreo balls there. As I teach my son to unload the dishwasher, He reminds me that He is the good Teacher who teaches me with gentleness and patience, something that I need to work on.

This is (I think) one of the first pics of us after we moved into our house.  We had no idea what the Lord had in store for us when we moved in (we’ve also improved our selfie skills since then.  Ha!).

Then I go to my dining room, and I’m reminded that He is the God who directs our paths as I think back to the time that Jack and I confirmed the Lord calling me to stay at home. This reminds me that He’s the God who calls us to trust Him when it might not make sense, too.

Next is the living room, and I could probably write 5 posts alone on how the Lord has worked in this room.  You see, my situation is unique because my husband and I bought the house that I grew up in, so in many of these rooms, I can see the Lord’s hand in various seasons of my life.  This room is no different.  Here, I see that He is the God who gives peace that surpasses all understanding, just like He promises us in His Word, because this is the room that my family, friends, and I joined hands and sang praises to His Name not long after my mom passed away.  The living room is the room that also reminds me that the God of the universe meets with me.  He meets with me on my couch covered in juice spills, and those moments learning about Him through His Word and prayer are so precious to me.

This couch is covered in juice spills, but it’s where we attempt (and often fail) to take family selfies, which is another way the Lord is faithful to give us laughter, because I mean… check out Isaac’s face!  Ha!

Then there’s my boys’ rooms.  My oldest now sleeps in the room that used to be mine.  I’m reminded of how the Lord taught me that my identity is in Him and not in cheerleading, academics, or anything else that I could do as I entered my senior year of high school, and I wonder and pray about what lessons He will teach my son as he grows up in that room.  Each of their rooms make me thankful that the Lord provides rest through their nap times, and on the days when they don’t nap, He reminds me that He is the giver of a better rest.

Finally is our master bedroom.  This is the room where Jesus healed my mom completely, the room where her smile that her cancer had made a little crooked went back to normal the minute she took her last breath.  In this room, I’m reminded that my God has conquered the grave and that He is the resurrection and the life.  Because of Jesus’ victory over death, I know that for those who are in Christ, death is just the beginning of eternal life with the Savior.  This room reminds me that the words, “No fear in life, no fear in death,” can be true in my life.  Now, this room reminds me that the veil is torn, and I can pray to Him whenever and wherever, as my husband and I pray together each night.  As we pray for things that have yet to be answered, like for the salvation of our sons, I know that the Lord is still faithful to hear our prayers and to answer in His timing.

Maybe you’ve been in your house for just a few weeks, or maybe you’re like me, and your house has seen you through many, many seasons.  Either way, look around, and be reminded of how the Lord has worked and walked you through each season.  There might be some spaces that are painful, but I pray that when you look there, you see the Lord there working, standing beside you in the valley.  In the spaces that remind you of celebration, I hope that you see the Lord there with you too, and that you celebrate (one thing that I was reminded of at camp last week was that we don’t do enough celebrating of what the Lord is doing!).

The Lord is also faithful to fill our house with students who love to have fun, but who most importantly, who love to learn about Jesus!

Look around as you go throughout your house today, or your job, or wherever, and ask God to give you eyes to see His faithfulness, even in the mundane of a messy kitchen or a desk filled with paper work.  And the next time you’re in the valley or a season of waiting, look around you and trust that the Lord is working in the middle of that tough season, too.  Friends, the Lord is who He says He is, and He will what He has promised to do.  Let’s always live being reminded of that and marvel that we serve such a faithful and awesome Lord.

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