7 Lessons Jesus Has Taught Me through Mommy-Hood

I have been a mommy for 5 months as of about a week ago. The Lord has used those 5 months to grow me and teach me in ways that I never could have imagined. Some of the lessons are kind of humorous, but other lessons have shown me the depths of His love. As I reflect on the past 5 months of mommy-hood, here are the lessons that Jesus has taught me:

1. I will never sleep the same again. Hunter sleeps through the night now, praise the Lord! However, I still hear every little noise he makes. I’m sure other mommies out there will agree!

2. Spit up is my latest accessory. Never in a million years did I think I would see spit up on my shirt, jeans, etc., and think, “Oh well!” Not a day goes by that Hunter doesn’t spit up on my clothes. It’s not the most fashionable thing, but when your 5 month old spits up like it’s his job, ya just gotta own it!

3. I’m selfish. I truly believe that Jesus uses parenthood to show us how selfish we are, and to help us become more selfless like He is. Daily, I now have to think of Hunter’s needs first, instead of my own. This is how I should always be and not just with Hunter. Jesus put Himself last, and therefore I should as well. Through Hunter, Jesus has shown me how much of life was really about me, and how much life really shouldn’t be about me at all. Life is about loving Jesus and putting Him first, which means loving His people and putting them first.

4. Jesus’s love is deeper than I’ll ever know. Sometimes, when I’m holding Hunter, I look at him and think, “Do you really know how much I love you?” The answer is, he probably won’t until he has kids of his own, and that’s okay, I didn’t. As I think that thought though, I can feel Jesus telling me, “That’s the same way I look at you.” WOW. That absolutely blows my mind. I mean, I love Hunter a LOT, but I know my love for Hunter is NOTHING compared to the love Jesus has for me. What a sweet, sweet thought it is knowing that the Savior of the universe looks down on me and says, “Do you know how much I love you?”

5. Repeat #4. Seriously, though, number 4 needs repeating because I keep learning that lesson over and over again. God sent His ONLY Son to DIE for my sins. I can’t imagine sending Hunter to do something like that. God did, though. God sent Jesus to die for my sins and the sins of the world. THAT is how much God loves us.

6. The joy of being in heaven must be UNREAL. Hunter brings so much joy to my life. There are many days when I wish my mom was here to experience this joy. Then, I am quickly reminded that my mom is in heaven in the presence of her Savior. She is worshiping at the feet of Jesus. The joy she is experiencing in heaven is NOTHING compared to any joy that we have on this earth. The joy Hunter brings is so great, that it makes me realize that the joy of being in heaven is greater than I’ll ever know.

7. I must surrender all. The Bible commands me to surrender all to Christ and to trust Him with everything. Everything includes my son (and any future children). Parenthood is a daily surrender. I must daily surrender my worries and anxieties and trust Jesus with Hunter. Honestly, this is easier said than done on some days, but I know that Jesus is and always will be faithful.

Those are just 7 lessons I’ve learned. Some of them are silly, but some of them are deep lessons Jesus has taught me about His love and following Him. I’m sure I’ve learned many more lessons, and I’m sure I will continue to learn them. I know Jesus will continue to use being a mommy to teach me more about Him and to make me become more like Him. Mommy friends, how has Jesus used mommy-hood to teach you more about Him and to make you more like Him? This young mommy would love to hear your words of wisdom :)!

This is my sweet boy at 4 months old. What a gift from God! Jesus has used this sweet face to teach me so many things, and I know He will continue to!

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