Stop Pressing Fast-Forward

As of this past Thursday, I am 31 weeks pregnant.  I was so excited because we are finally in the single digit countdown- 9 weeks to go!  Now that our sweet baby boy’s stuff is starting to take over our house & his nursery is slowly but surely coming together, I am getting more and more excited about having Hunter in my arms.  Sometimes, I just wish time would fast forward to May.  Then, I feel kicks and flips in my stomach, and I stop myself.  Life as Hunter’s mom is going to be such a sweet gift from the Lord, but getting to feel Hunter grow inside of me is another gift as well.  After Hunter is born, it will never be just my husband and me again.  After Hunter is born, I will never get to feel his kicks and flips inside of me again.  After Hunter is born, I will never be in the season of life I am in now, preparing for my first born with baby showers, getting the nursery together, being completely oblivious to what parenthood will really be like, laughing as my husband talks to my belly and explains potty training to Hunter (he’s hoping it’ll work!), etc.

As I thought about savoring these last few months of pregnancy, it got me to thinking about other seasons of life.  Doesn’t it always seem like we’re counting down for something?  Wanting life to fast forward to another season we’re looking forward to?  When in high school, we count down to graduation.  When in college, we count down to graduation.  I remember being engaged and counting down the days until Jack and I got married.  It’s as if we’re always looking ahead and wanting life to speed up so we can enjoy our next big thing.

But, what about enjoying the present?  God has you in the present where you currently are for a specific purpose.  If you’re in high school/college God probably has you there to be His missionary on whatever campus He’s placed you.  He also has you there to prepare you for the next step.  If you’re engaged, God wants to use that time of engagement to prepare you to be a Godly spouse and to prepare you for marriage.  For me, I feel like God is wanting me to stop wishing away my last few months of pregnancy, and spend them enjoying the miracle growing inside of me and allowing Him to prepare me to be a Godly mother.

Wherever you’re at in life, God has you there for a reason.  Let’s stop wanting to fast forward and wish life away.  Instead, let’s look to Christ, and see what He has for us in the present.  See what Christ is wanting to teaching you in your current situation, and see how Christ is wanting to use you as well.  Let’s stop wanting to fast forward so much that we miss the lessons, blessings, and ways to serve that God has for us right here and right now.


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