Don’t Watch.

About a month or so ago, the infamous Victoria Secret Fashion Show was aired on television.  It’s a yearly event, and every year, it breaks my heart just a little bit more.  In the hours leading up to the show and during the show, you can get on any type of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and see posts from girls like, “Wish I looked like that!”  or see posts from guys like, “Wow she is so hot!”  With every post I read, my heart breaks a little bit more, especially when my brothers and sisters in Christ are posting things like this.

Here’s my challenge to you for next year: Don’t watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Here are just a few reasons why…

1.  Girls, I know we struggle with body image.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy, but often, seeing media such as the VS Fashion Show leads girls to do unhealthy things to get the body they want.  Don’t tempt yourself to do something unhealthy by watching the VS Fashion Show.  Don’t tempt yourself to covet after someone else’s looks when God made you perfectly beautiful and in His image just the way you are!  Glorifying God by eating healthy and having a healthy exercise routine is completely different than making an idol out of what you want your body image to be.  There’s a fine line.  Don’t watch something that will tempt you to cross it.

2.  Do you really think that it is glorifying to God that the women in the VS Fashion Show dress in a way that only a husband should see, but yet they flaunt it for the whole world to see?  NO!  Like I said, the only person who should see a woman like that is her husband.  Don’t support a television show that goes completely against how the Bible says we as women of God should dress and handle ourselves.  Proverbs 31:25 says, “She is clothed with strength & dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”  I am sorry, but there is nothing dignified about the way those girls on the VS fashion show are dressed (they’re not really even dressed).  Don’t watch a show that is completely centered around immodest dress and could tempt you to do the same.

3.  Guys, the only woman you should see like that is your wife.  Matthew 5:28 says, “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  I’m not a guy, but I know that God made guys very visual.  Don’t put yourself in a position to ultimately commit adultery against your wife/future wife by watching the VS Fashion Show.  Keep your eyes pure for her.  That will be one of the best gifts you could ever give to your future wife on your wedding day.

4.  Girls, read above.  You watching the VS Fashion Show is a complete stumbling block to your brothers in Christ.  Please help them keep their eyes and hearts pure for their wives/future wives.  Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for your husband/future husband?

Basically, for the girls, the VS Fashion Show is nothing but making us wish we had bodies that we don’t have.  I am not sure if 100% all of the angels have to do this, but after reading a book (“I’m No Angel,” I highly suggest it!), I learned that some of them have to do crazy things such as having their hips surgically shaved down.  God made you absolutely beautiful and His image without any crazy surgeries or unhealthy diets!  For the guys, the VS Fashion show is nothing but making you lust after women that aren’t your wives.  Let’s hold each other accountable as brothers and sisters in Christ and keep each other from temptation.  Next year, when the VS Fashion show comes on, don’t watch it and encourage others to do the same.

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