Memory Verse Monday, but on Wednesday (Sorry!)

Yes, I know it’s not Monday (thank goodness!), but I got busy on Monday… and on Tuesday… and forgot to post this week’s memory verse!  So, I guess this week it’s technically Memory Verse Wednesday?  Anyway, as soon as I read this verse, I thought of my mom:

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”  -Hebrews 13:2

My mom was the queen of hospitality!  She was such an example to me!  She was always opening up her and Dad’s home.  The groups that have entered through those doors throughout the years have ranged from my Varsity cheerleading squad, to my random college friends, to my brother’s friends (who got caught on top of the fridge shooting air soft guns, by the way!), and more.  There was nothing my mom loved more than to have her house filled with people!

Mom followed this verse, and so should we.  Why?  Because it’s a command, and as a follower of Christ, we must obey His commands if we love Him.  The verse doesn’t say, “If you feel like it show hospitality…” or “If the teenagers won’t get your house too dirty show hospitality…”  No, the verse says “Don’t forget to show hospitality…”  This verse is specifically talking about strangers, but I believe God wants us to be hospitable to everyone.

Depending on what phase of life you’re in, hospitality might look a little different.  For me, it might look more like inviting people into my home and entertaining them.  This could apply to you if you’re around my age too.  If you’re younger and don’t have a home or place of your own yet, hospitality might look like welcoming everyone into whatever group you’re a part of (although this could definitely apply to all ages!).  Basically, be welcoming with whatever God has blessed you with.  If He’s blessed you with a place of your own, welcome people into your home (don’t worry if the teens will make it dirty… the fun will be worth it!).  If He’s blessed you with an awesome group of friends, welcome others into that group.  My mom set an example for me in both of these areas- she loved opening up her home to people and she did not EVER want to leave any one out of any situation!  I pray I follow her example.

My mom and dad were so hospitable with the house God blessed them with.  That’s my prayer for my home, too- that I will welcome others into the doors of my house with open arms for a night of fun, Bible study, or whatever God calls Jack and I to do.  I pray that you will use whatever God has blessed you with for His glory too!

This is one of the many nights my mom showed my friends & I hospitality. I called and said, “Hey! Can I bring a few friends over?” I showed up with about 15 or so (I think). We messed up her kitchen, were extremely loud, and stayed up really late… but she never said a word! Thank you Mom and Dad!  I hope my house is just like this one day!

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