Scripture Memory

Memory Verse Monday- Colossians 2:6

WARNING- This verse will convict you!  One of my small group girls chose the verse for this week, and I know for me, it is something that I need to be continuously reminded of.  I think most would agree (especially other ladies!).  This week’s verse comes from Colossians:

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”  -Colossians 4:6

I’ll be honest… my conversation is not always full of grace or seasoned with salt.  If I really think about, I am sure there are days where my conversation is just full of complaining, gossiping,  and other nasty things that aren’t pleasing to God.  Take time to meditate on this verse and examine your own conversations.  Are your conversations God-pleasing?  This verse tells us that our conversations should be seasoned with salt.  So, let’s think of a conversation like a meal.  When I cook, if I season my meals with salt, or other yummy things, then people will enjoy it and benefit from it.  If I season meals with things such as gasoline, dirt, or other non-edible substances, then no one will want to eat my food or be around it for that matter. A conversation is the same way.  If my conversation is seasoned encouragement, positive words, etc., then people will want to be around me and will benefit from my words.  If my conversation is seasoned with discouragement, negative comments, complaining, etc., then no one will want to be around me and no one will receive benefit from my words.  Words are a very powerful tool.  Words can bring life or death.  What kind of conversation are you “cooking?”  Is your conversation seasoned so that others will be encouraged from it, or is your conversation seasoned so that others are discouraged by it?  As we meditate on and memorize this verse this week, let’s have conversations that are God pleasing and full of grace (and yes, this includes Twitter, Facebook, etc.)!

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