Our Adoption

We’re so excited to be in the process of adopting!  I’m going to try to make this page the “hub” for our adoption- updates, prayer requests, etc.  Friends, we can’t say thank you enough for being on this journey with us!

Where are we in the process?  DONE with our home study and waiting CARA approval (as of 1/10/2019). CARA approval is initial approval from India that takes an average of 12 weeks to receive. After we have CARA approval, we can be matched with our daughter!



Current Prayer Requests

  • Please pray we would glorify the Lord in the wait for our CARA approval. Pray we wouldn’t grow weary or anxious, but that we would trust the Lord’s timing.
  • Since our home study is done, we can now apply for grants. Pray we would receive some of those to help with the cost.
  • Pray for our daughter. We don’t know who she is yet, but it’s most likely she’s already born. We’re already praying now that the Lord would begin growing our attachment and bond for one another!
  • Pray for our daughter’s caretakers. We pray they would know Christ and love our daughter with his love.
  • Pray our adoption journey would give us the opportunity to share the gospel, and that we would boldly take those opportunities.


  • Our home study is officially DONE!
  • The Lord provided financially during Christmastime through baking cookies, BBQ, and general donations.
  • Our friends and family were so sweet to us at Christmas, already helping us celebrate our daughter that’s growing in our hearts. She’s growing in their hearts too, and it does this mama’s heart so much good to see her child loved so much already.
  • Jack and I got our biometric fingerprinting done (a big step needed for I-800A approval with US immigration). The process was quick & easy!
  • God has been good and faithful every step of the way, and we know he will continue to be.


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